Gypsum Board Ceiling Design

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gypsum Board Ceiling Design for Your Home Décor

Over the years, gypsum design has become a relatively well-known name in the interior design industry. What is gypsum? Gypsum is a material used in construction. It’s a soft sulfate mineral that is made of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Gypsum is created by evaporating saline water from sea beds. The material can be found in the form of powder, crystal solids, …

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Blue Gypsum Wall and ceiling Design

How to Choose the Right Gypsum Board for Your Home Décor

Gypsum board is a fundamental component of modern home décor. Whether you want it for the necessary partition to divide the space, or for a decorative charm for your walls, cornice, ceiling, etc., gypsum can be your perfect solution. What is a gypsum board? Gypsum boards are a common building material for interior wall and ceiling design. They are made …

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